MOSHAMANLA Hotel-Main Station is located in Taipei's most convenient traffic area "Taipei Station"

5 minutes walk to the Taipei diary business traveler - Taipei station, Taipei station with high-speed rail, train,

Passenger, MRT, bus, so you can easily play Taipei and Taiwan as a whole!

Choice of transport

High-speed rail

Take the HSR at Taipei Main Station and get off at Exit 1F Hall 3, Exit 5, 5-8 minutes.

2. MRT

Take the Tamsui Line and get off at Taipei Main Station. Take the Z10 underground exit (climb the stairs) and walk 3-5 minutes.

3. Guoguang passenger (1819)

Get off at Gwangyang Passenger Transportation No. 1819 at Taipei Station and walk 5 minutes.

4. drive by yourself

Zhongshan High → Chongqing Interchange → Chongqing South Road → Kaifeng Street, turn right to arrive.

5. Taoyuan Airport → Taipei Diary Business - Taipei Station Museum

Guoguang passenger transport 1819

Taoyuan Airport transfer to the high-speed rail Taoyuan station

Hotel pick-up service (chargeable)